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Keyflow Pink Mash Condition. Ideal for the cold wintery months, Pink Mash Condition effectively builds condition in horses and ponies struggling to maintain weight. Helps settle digestive discomfort such as hind gut acidosis, loose droppings, faecal water and stomach ulcers. Is tempting for fussy feeders or those lacking appetite. Offers safe weight gain for horses and ponies prone to laminitis or with PPID (Cushing’s).

Pink Mash Condition is:
Free from cereal grains
High in fibre to support a diverse microbiome
A non-heating, cool condition builder
Contains our Protexin® probiotics in-feed formula to increase beneficial microflora
Contains prebiotics to target and remove unwanted bacteria
Free from molasses
Suitable to be added to any diet as it contains no added vitamins and minerals so there is no risk of causing imbalance
Quick soaking – just 5-10 minutes!

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