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Rosewood Shaker Cat Litter Scoop

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Type: Cat
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Rosewood MP Bergamo Shaker Litter Scoop. Dealing with cat litter is an everyday chore for all cat owners, whether you have a well-behaved cat or a mischievous one. Because the marketisbursting with cat litter accessories, you may get confused while choosing the right one.
We assure you that the Rosewood Shaker Scoop is the best product, created especially to make the lives of cat owners easier. Made from high-grade plastic, the enclosed shaker cat litter scoop assures a lasting use. Being made of high-quality material, the shaker cat litter scoop requires less care and maintenance.
Made with efficient qualities and designer looks, this cat litter scoop is an essential for every house with cats. It does not just collect and dispose of cat’s litter, but it also makes sure to accumulate only the used litter and nothing else. Best of all, the Rosewood shaker scoop has a hinged lid which saves the litter from falling off and soiling your home.
The lid also helps to cover the mess and make the entire cleaning process easy, efficient and civilised. This cat litter scoop has an ergonomic handle, which further simplifies the process and makes it more convenient for you. This Rosewood cat litter scoop measures 27cm in length, 10cm in width and 4cm in height. Also, you will find a hole at the end of the handle, which helps you hang it in the corner.

W10 x D27 x H4cm