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Rowen Barbary Herbal Health Mash

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Type: Horse
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Rowen Barbary Herbal Health Mash contains a soothing blend of herbs on a high fibre base, designed to be fed as a healthy treat to support overall health and vitality.  As Herbal Health Mash is also very low in starch and sugar it is suitable for feeding to horses prone to laminitis. Fed soaked as a soft textured mash, Herbal Health Mash will help improve fluid intake, especially useful post exercise, when travelling or recovering from illness.  It is also much more palatable for horses that struggle to chew and digest due to old age or illness.

Herbal Health Mash contains:
Seaweed – a good source of natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help support overall health and vitality
Nettle – rich in Iron and Vitamin C, Nettle is used to help support  a healthy blood supply and circulation, and will also help improve skin and coat condition.
Chamomile Flowers – widely used for its calming and relaxing effect on horses, Chamomile Flowers are also traditionally used to help reduce allergic responses.
Turmeric – traditionally known to have strong soothing properties and supports digestion, skin and joints.

Selected Soya Hull Pellets, Seaweed, Molglo Plus, Nettle, Chamomile Flowers, Dried Grass, Soya Oil, Salt, Turmeric, Vanilla Flavour.

Nutritional Analysis
Digestible Energy   7.50
Oil      3.00
Protein    11.50
Fibre     28.00
Starch      5.00
Sugar      2.50

Feeding Guide
Soak for 5 minutes with equal volumes of dry feed and water or to your preferred consistency.