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VL Caprina 3 & 4 Pellet

£24.50 GBP
Type: Farm

Versele Laga Country’s Best Capria 3 & 4 Pellet is a maintenance & gestation feed for goats & deer over 3 months of age. The formulation of the pellet is also useful for the maximum production of milk by dairy animals.

  • From 3 months of age or during gestation & lactation
  • Uses high-quality ingredients for good ingestion


Wheat bran, sunflower seed feed, wheat gluten feed, palm kernel expeller, cereal grains screenings, maize bran, broken oil seeds, vinasse, rice bran, rape seed feed, maize gluten feed, calcium carbonate, soya bean oil, palm oil, sodium chloride, soy feed (produced from genetically modified soya)