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VL Master R Exclusive

£38.50 GBP
Type: Pigeon

Versele Laga Master R Exklusiv is a sporting mixture which should be used throughout the racing season. Enriched with black maize to give birds that conditioning edge. A large quantity of this mix is made up of hempseed which is rich in easily digestible fats.


Black maize 10%, bordeaux maize 6%, fench cribs maize 2%, small french cribs maize 4%, toasted soya beans 2%, tares 2%, white pigeon wheat 2%, sudanese white dari 6%, red dari 4%, safflower %, peeled barley 2%, paddy rice 4%, broken rice 3%, peeled oats 2%, sunflower hearts 5%, hempseed 25%, buckwheat 1%, canary seed 3%, yellow millet 1%, brown linseed 1%, yellow linseed 1%, niger seed 1%, black coleseed 2%, thistle seed 1%, sesame seed 1% & wilde seeds 1%