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Harringtons Just 6 vs Royal Canin

Comparing Harringtons Dog Just 6 & Royal Canin

Comparing Harringtons Dog Just 6 & Royal Canin

When choosing the right dog food, pet owners want to ensure they are providing their furry friends with the best nutrition without breaking the bank. Two popular choices on the market are Harringtons Dog Just 6 Salmon and Royal Canin Adult. While both are formulated to support adult dogs' health, they differ significantly in composition, nutritional values, and cost. In this blog, we will compare these two products to help you make an informed decision for your pet.


Harringtons Dog Just 6 Salmon




Salmon (50.5%), Dried Potato (19%), Sweet Potato (17%), Peas (11.5%), Rapeseed Oil (1%), Vitamins & Minerals.

Nutritional Breakdown:

  • Protein: 22%
  • Fat Content: 11%
  • Crude Fibre: 2%
  • Crude Ash: 7.5%
  • **Additives per Kg**:
  • Vitamin A: 16,000 iu
  • Vitamin D3: 1,600 iu
  • Vitamin E: 500 mg
  • Various essential minerals including manganese, iron, zinc, copper, iodine, and selenium.
  • **Special Features**:
  • Over 50% salmon content
  • Grain-free
  • Six carefully selected ingredients for better taste, nutrition, and digestion.


Royal Canin Maxi Adult




Dehydrated poultry protein, maize, maize flour, animal fats, wheat, rice, maize gluten, hydrolysed animal proteins, beet pulp, fish oil, soya oil, minerals, yeasts, hydrolysed crustaceans (source of glucosamine), hydrolysed cartilage (source of chondroitin).

Nutritional Breakdown:

  - Protein: 26%

  - Fat Content: 17%

  - Crude Fibre: 1.3%

  - Crude Ash: 6.6%

  - Omega 3 fatty acids: 7.8 g/kg

  - EPA & DHA: 4 g/kg

Special Features:

  • Supports bones and joints under stress
  • Exclusive kibble reduces tartar formation
  • Highly digestible proteins for intestinal health


Detailed Comparison


Ingredient Quality and Composition

  • Harringtons Dog Just 6 Salmon boasts a high salmon content (over 50%), including freshly prepared salmon and salmon oil, which is excellent for dogs requiring a protein-rich diet with healthy fats for skin and coat health. The simplicity of its ingredients (only six) makes it a great option for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.


  • Royal Canin Maxi Adult, on the other hand, uses a variety of ingredients, including dehydrated poultry protein, maize, and animal fats. While this formulation supports overall health, its primary protein source is not as high-quality as Harringtons' salmon. It includes grains, which may not be suitable for all dogs, particularly those with grain allergies.


Nutritional Value

  • Harringtons Just 6 provides a balanced diet with 22% protein and 11% fat content, suitable for maintaining muscle mass and overall energy. Its grain-free formula and high-quality protein sources ensure easy digestion and nutrient absorption.


  • Royal Canin offers higher protein (26%) and fat content (17%), catering to larger breeds that require more energy. It also includes omega-3 fatty acids and EPA & DHA, which are crucial for joint health and reducing inflammation, essential for larger dogs with higher joint stress.


Cost Efficiency

  • Harringtons Dog Just 6 Salmon is significantly more affordable at £54.75 compared to Royal Canin's £94. This price difference makes Harringtons a more cost-effective choice without compromising on quality, especially given its high salmon content and limited ingredient list.


Why Switch to Harringtons Dog Just 6 Salmon?

  1. High-Quality Ingredients: With over 50% salmon, Harringtons provides high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids, promoting overall health.
  2. Simplicity and Transparency: Only six ingredients, making it easier to identify and avoid potential allergens.
  3. Grain-Free Formula: Ideal for dogs with grain sensitivities or allergies.
  4. Cost-Effective: Nearly half the price of Royal Canin, offering great value for premium nutrition.



Harringtons Dog Just 6 Salmon is an excellent alternative to Royal Canin Maxi Adult, especially for pet owners looking for high-quality, grain-free dog food at a more affordable price. By switching to Harringtons, you can provide your dog with the essential nutrients they need without compromising on quality or your budget.


Links to Products:

- https://petsonpoint.co.uk/products/harringtons-dog-just-6-salmon

- https://petsonpoint.co.uk/products/rc-maxi-adult


Make the switch today and see the positive changes in your dog's health and vitality!

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