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Equine America Kentucky Joint Supplement

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Type: Horse
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Kentucky liquid joint supplement has been carefully formulated to include  key building blocks glucosamine hydrochloride, collagen and hyaluronic acid,  to provide nutritional support to maintain heathy cartilage and synovial (joint) fluid, with added MSM, Boswellia and Vitamin C, all known to support joint health and mobility.
Joint disease, especially “wear and tear” of the cartilage on the articular surfaces of joints is one of the most common reasons for lameness in horses and ponies, and can affect those in lighter work or older horses, as well as those with a strenuous training and competition programme.
In a healthy joint, cartilage is continuously undergoing repair to micro-damage, but as cartilage doesn’t have its own blood supply, it relies upon the bone underneath and the synovial fluid bathing the joint to supply nutrients and key compounds to complete these repairs. As the horse ages, or the daily impact of training and competition increase, the ability of the synovial fluid and bone to provide these nutrients may not be enough to keep up with the rate of repair, and damage and resulting pain and lameness begin to occur.
It is therefore vital that the horse has a supply of the key building blocks and nutrients to maintain the quality of joint fluid and hence allow the joint to keep up with the rate of cartilage repair in order to support joint health and mobility.
Kentucky liquid joint supplement is a palatable blend of not only key building blocks to provide nutritional support to maintain heathy cartilage and synovial (joint) fluid, but also contains MSM, Boswellia and Vitamin C  as they are known to play important roles in maintaining joint health and comfort.

Additives (per kg):
Sensory additives: 2b Boswellia Extract 2800mg.
Antioxidants: 3a300 Ascorbic Acid 5600mg.

Water, Glucosamine HCl (6.67%), MSM (6.67%), Hyaluronic Acid (0.28%), Collagen.

Analytical Constituents
Protein 1.6%                         
Oil <1.0% 
Fibre <1.0%                   
Ash 3.0%  
Sodium <1.0%                      
Moisture 82.0%