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Foran Ice-Clay

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Type: Horse
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Ice Clay is a ready to use clay based leg dressing with added tea tree oil. ICE - CLAY is designed to quickly disperse heat away from hot, hard working legs to allow natural reduction in swellings and soreness. Ideal dressing for knocks and bangs and for animals being released into paddocks with hard ground.

Indications: Leg swellings and soreness may lead to lameness and consequential economic losses therefore it is advisable to consider the routine use of ICE - CLAY as an after work cold clay dressing. ICE - CLAY works by helping the legs cool quickly, drawing heat from them thereby helping to maintain soundness. ICE - CLAY is typically used as a dressing for knocks and bruises, tendonitis, bucked shins, bowed tendons, bog spavins, capped hocks and splints.

Additional Info: ICE - CLAY can be used without a wrap, however, if prolonged contact is required then wrap with moist brown paper or plastic and cover the wrap with a bandage. Repeat as necessary after 24 hours. To remove simply hose off with water. Safe for racing and competition horses.