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JJ Mixed Pulses

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Type: Caged Bird
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Johnston & Jeff Mixed Pulses Germination Feed is a versatile, high protein, low fat food. It can be either soaked for 24 hours or boiled for 1 hour and then cooled. It can also be allowed to sprout to be fed as green food. The boiled food can be split into individual portions and then frozen for later use.

During germination, protein quality also improves as a result of the breakdown of complex protein chains to free amino acids & due to increased levels of essential amino acids (lysine). The fats are partially converted into free fatty acids. Furthermore, germinated seeds are rich in vitamins A, B, E, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium & the trace elements iron, selenium & zinc.

Germinated seeds are more rapidly digested as a result of these changes & the increase in fluid retention. This is very important for young or sick birds.


Black eyed beans, Blue peas, Maple peas, Yellow peas, Chick peas, Mung beans & Whole maize