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Rosewood Elektra Cat Litter Scoop

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Type: Cat
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Rosewood MP Bergamo Elektra Litter Scoop. No matter what the size of your litter box, the Rosewood Elektra Cat Litter Scoop will help scoop away every mess from the litter box. Designed specifically for small animal’s litter, such as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, the cat litter scoop is a must-have pet accessory. It is made from high-grade plastic to stand the test of time. This high-quality material is safe to use and can be cleaned with minimum effort. The design features multiple slots to hold the clump while letting the fresh litter fall through easily.
Designed with a lightweight and slim structure, this litter scoop won’t take much storage space. This durable cat litter scoop makes regular litter box maintenance easy and effortless. As a cat owner, a messy house can be really frustrating. With this simple yet effective cat litter scoop, you can live with your feline creatures stress-free. Ensuring quality and safety for your felines and other small animals, no cat owner can overlook the benefits of this litter scoop.
This litter scooper is 28 cm long and 9cm wide. The perfectly moulded shape of this scooper lets you scrape and scoop away all the litter with minimum effort.The Rosewood cat litter scoop has a perfectly shaped handle for daily ‘grab and scoop’. Also, the high-quality plastic construction will keep this cat litter scooper in your collection for long.

W9 x D27 x H4cm