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Saracen Pro-Yeast

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by Saracen
Type: Horse
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PRO-YEAST will be replacing YEA-SACC from the 19th April.

PRO-YEAST is a research proven live yeast from the Vistacell Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain, which helps to balance the gut flora in the hindgut.

It is suitable for all types of horses and ponies to help maintain optimum microbial health. It is particularly useful for performance horses & ponies who are training, travelling, and competing as it aids and supports the maintenance of a normal hindgut environment & stabilises pH. PRO-YEAST can be top dressed onto a correctly balanced feed on a daily basis or used strategically during time of stress.

PRO-YEAST when fed at the recommended daily dose of 10g will deliver 2g of the research proven Vistacell providing 2.5 billion saccharomyces cerevisiae cultures, which is the highest CFU count per registered feed rate. The 1kg PRO-YEAST pouch will last 100 days when feeding 1 horse and is a cost-effective supplement to help support hindgut health. 

In line with our ongoing sustainability promise the PRO-YEAST pouch is 100% recyclable, and in order to reduce the waste of a single use plastic measure have not included a scoop. We are hoping our customers will reuse an existing scoop or use a teaspoon. A 10g daily dose is equivalent to 2 teaspoons.