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Saracen Racing Prep 14

£30.70 GBP
by Saracen
Type: Horse

Saracen Racing Prep 14 is a versatile conditioning feed that can be fed to a wide variety of horses in need of a high calorie diet such as middle & long distance runners, for horses with poor appetites & backward two year olds. Racing Prep 14 is a dense boost of energy in comparison to conventional sweet feeds with the use of premium quality grains blended with sugar beet pulp & soya oils. This provides the horse with energy from fats, carbohydrates & fibre for a long lasting source of energy.

  • Adds weight & condition to any horse
  • Particularly effective for middle to long distance runners
  • Use in inbetween races to improve recovery rates


Oats, Dried Sugar Beet Pulp, Maize Flakes, Soya Bean Meal, Molasses, Soya Flakes, Soya Oil, Wheatfeed, Soya Hulls, Dicalcium Phosphate, Vitamins, Minerals, Sodium Chloride, Mixture of Flavouring Compounds & Limestone

Analytical Constituents

Oil 9.5%, Protein 14.0%, Fibre 7.0%, Digestible Energy 13.7 MJ/kg, Starch 22.0%, Calcium 1.01%, Phosphorous 0.53%, Selenium 0.58 mg/kg, Vitamin E (E-max Ester) 230 IU/kg, Vitamin A 16,000 IU/kg & Vitamin D3 2,100 IU/kg