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Saracen Re-Coup 11

£28.80 GBP
by Saracen
Type: Horse

Saracen Recoup 11 is a highly palatable sweetfeed that is suitable for horses during pretraining or when getting them back from a break from training or injury. Saracen Recoup 11 is suitable for convalescence and light exercise & for weaning horses onto a higher energy feed. This formula utilises oils & digestible fibres as stable forms of energy which can help maintain body condition whilst increasing their workload.

  • Feed when breaking in yearlings
  • For horses on box rest or in light work
  • Prepares horses for a higher energy feed

When using this feed during light exercise or convalescence it makes for a smoother transition onto higher energy diets, this helps maintain an even temperament.


Barley Flakes, Soya Hulls, Oatfeed, Lucerne Pellets, Molasses, Maize Flakes, Pea Flakes, Dried Sugar Beet Pulp, Soya Flakes, Vitamins & Minerals, Soya Oil, Vitamins, Minerals & Mixture of Flavouring Compounds

Analytical Constituents

Oil 4.3%, Protein 11.0%, Fibre 15.5%, Digestible Energy 11.6 MJ/kg, Starch 22.8%, Calcium 1.07%, Phosphorous 0.49%, Selenium 0.52 mg/kg, Vitamin E 385 IU/kg, Vitamin A 16,800 IU/kg & Vitamin D3 3,000 IU/kg