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Silvermoor Grassabix with TurmerAid

£13.90 GBP
Type: Horse

Silvermoor Grassabix with TurmerAid. Grassabix with TurmerAid is the healthy 1kg dried grass forage block with neigh-naughtiness. This tasty treat for horses and ponies is supercharged with TurmerAid which promotes wellbeing. Specifically it supports healthy joints, aids digestion, helps maintain a healthy, shiny coat and is suitable for laminitics. It can be used as a treat, boredom buster or as a forage replacement and can be fed directly from the bag or soaked in water to create a delicious mash. These yummy blocks have been compressed for easy feeding, storage and handling. Low sugar and low starch levels mean this projduct is suitable for good doers and laminitics.

Analytical Constituents
Crude Protein 14.56
Crude Fibre 23.47
Dry Matter 83.885
Moisture 11.115
Ash 7.815
Sugar 8.1455
Acid Insol Ash 0.7695
Crude Fat 2.201