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Silvermoor Haylage Timothy

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Type: Horse
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Silvermoor Haylage Timothy is made of a slightly different grass ley from Silvermoor other haylage, it is sweet smelling and delicious and ideal for those of you who have horses and ponies who are not the best of feeders. It is high in fibre and low in sugar and can be fed to all horses and ponies and is especially suitable for natives. You’ll find silvermoor timothy haylage a delicious and nutritious forage that Silvermoor have developed specially for your horses and ponies. In a pack of timothy haylage you’ll find the highest quality timothy leys which is grow on Silvermoor, with lower sugar levels than recreation and therefore fewer calories. Silvermoor control every step of the process from seed to this pack Silvermoor themselves so can be personally guarantee every pack and know exactly what each bag contains. Silvermoor are confident this will be the most delicious tasting haylage your horse has ever had and it provides all their forage nutritional needs.

Average Analytical Constituents
Crude Protein 9.4%  
Fibre 65.1%  
Moisture 29.8%  
Digestible Energy 10.3%DM  
Sugar 6.9%DM