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Silvermoor Treatsies Calming Chamomile

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Type: Horse
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Silvermoor Treatsies Calming Chamomile Horse Treats. Silvermoor Treatsies are the perfect titbit for your horse and pony. Low in sugar, low in starch and high in fibre, using the very best quality natural ingredients so you can be sure you are feeding something not only irresistibly delicious but healthy for your horse too.

Chamomile flowers have an impressive history of being been used for their calming and comforting properties. If you are looking for something to bring some calm into your horses’ life this is the treat for you.

Oat Feed, Grass,
Chamomile (2%),
Mixed Herbs,
Salt, Soya Oil,
Peppermint Oil,
Wheat Feed.

Crude Protein – 8.25%
Crude Oils and Fat – 3.20%
Crude Fibres – 23.20%
Sodium – 0.25%
Starch – 7%
Sugar – 4%
Crude Ash – 7.70%
Copper – 6.00mg/kg