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Sweet Meadow Senior

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Type: Horse
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Sweet Meadow Senior Chaff.  Keeping your much loved companion in good condition over the winter months can at best be challenging! Advances in veterinary care and improved husbandry mean horses are living and working longer. Ensuring your veteran is getting enough fibre can be difficult especially if he can no longer chew hay or haylage. With this in mind Sweet Meadow have produced Sweet Meadow Senior specially formulated to help meet the needs of the older horse. Quality, lightly molassed blend of oat straw, hay and dried grass. Short chopped chaff easy to chew and digest. Can be added to the concentrate diet or fed adlib if necessary to increase the fibre intake. Can be used as a partial / full hay replacer.

Nutritional Information
Oil 1.25%
Protein 7%
Fibre 18%
Ash 10%