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Thunderbrook Organic HerbaLite

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Type: Horse
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Thunderbrook Organic HerbaLite is a palatable blend of bio-diverse hay from UK organic meadows, together with organic oat straw and added organic mint and fennel seed.

Organic Hay, Organic Oat Straw, Organic Fennel Seed, Organic Mint.

Crude Protein 4.7%, Crude Oil 1%, Crude Fibre 34%, (DE) 7.2 MJ/kg, Sugar 4.6%, Starch <1%, Ash 5.9%

Feeding guide: 100g – 500g per feed as required
Use as a carrier for Thunderbrook Base Mix, Daily Essentials and other feeds, to slow down eating and encourage chewing.

Caution: Horses that bolt dry feed may be at risk of choking. Always dampen before feeding.