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VL Base Plus I.C.

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Type: Pigeon
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Versele Laga Base Plus I.C+ is a complete food for racing pigeons with the special Immunity Concept+ racing pellet. Base Plus I.C.+ is a basic sports mixture without maize. This food is eaten well by pigeons.

By adding specific products in the right proportions we obtain an optimal stimulation of the immunity system, which allows our pigeons to build up more resistance, and can combat illnesses more easily.

Analytical constituents

Crude Protein 16.5%, Crude Fat 7%, Crude Fibre 7.5%, Crude Ash 3%, Carbohydrates 54%, Calcium 0.16%, Phosphorus 0.32%, Sodium 0.03%, Lysine 0.80%, Methionine 0.33%, Cystine 0.27%, Threonine 0.57% & Tryptophan 0.19%


Tares, safflower, milokorn, wheat, dari, lentils, vitamin & mineral pellets, carrot 10%, adzuki beans, berries, cranberry, elderberry, MOS, grapeseed extract, toasted soya beans, mung beans & buckwheat.