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VL Classic Breeding & Sport

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Type: Pigeon
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Versele Laga Classic Breeding & Sport. Standard basic racing and breeding mixture. Basic grain mixture with premium cribs maize. This mixture can be used during the breeding and racing seasons. Advantageous pigeon mixture. Varied all-round mixture. Ideal protein content in combination with Success Corn I.C.+.

Premium cribs maize 36%, Toasted soya beans 1%, Maple peas 2%, Dun peas 6%, Yellow peas 6%, Large green peas 6%, Tares 1%, White pigeon wheat 18%, Yellow dari 2%, Red dari 8%, Safflower 4%, Peeled barley 2%, Broken rice 2%, Peeled oats 1%, Hempseed 2%, Yellow millet 1%, Brown linseed 1%, Black coleseed 1%

Analytical constituents
Crude protein 11.5%, Crude fat 4%, Crude fibre 4%, Crude ash 2%