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VL Master Widowers

£33.75 GBP
Type: Pigeon

Versele Laga Master Widowers is a sport mixture designed to be used during the racing season by widowers. Enriched with the highly successful black maize. Extremely well varied mixture with no preference to any type of seed.


Black maize 10%, bordeaux maize 6%, red maize 6%, french cribs maize 6%, small french cribs maize 6%, maple peas 2%, dun peas 2%, small green peas 4%, tares 2%, katjang idjoe 2%, white pigeon wheat 4%, sudanese white dari 6%, european white dari 4%, milo 4%, safflower 8%, paddy rice 3%, broken rice 2%, peeled oats 5%, small striped sunflower seeds 1%, sunflower hearts 2%, hempseed 5%, buckwheat 2%, canary seed 2%, yellow millet 2%, brown linseed 2%, rapeseed 1% & thistle seed 1%.