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VL Start Plus IC Black Label

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Type: Pigeon
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Versele Laga Start Plus I.C.+ Black Label is a complete food for growing pigeons enriched with the special Immunity Concept+ racing pellet. Start Plus I.C.+ is a breeding mixture designed to make it easier for young birds to gain optimal conditioning without putting on too much fat. Can be combined with Gerry Plus I.C.+.

The Black maize originated in Peru and is much richer in antioxidants than conventional maize varieties. These antioxidants are better equipped for muscle protection, reducing muscle cell damage and increasing the overall endurance of your birds.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 16.5%, Crude fat 7%, Crude fibre 5.5%, Crude ash 2.5%, Calcium 0.18%, Phosphorus 0.35%, Sodium 0.03%, Lysine 0.85% & Methionine 0.33%


Black maize 8%, French cribs maize 6%, Small French cribs maize 6%, Toasted soya beans 4%, Maple peas 6%, Dun peas 6%, Yellow peas 2%, Large green peas 2%, Small green peas 6%, Tares 6%, Mung beans - Katjang Idjoe 2%, White pigeon wheat 8% Sudanese white dari 8%, Milo 6%, Cardy 6%, Broken rice 2%, Hempseed 5%, Canary seed 1%, Yellow millet 1%, Brown linseed 1%, Black coleseed 1%, German thistle seed 1% & Breeding pellet I.C.+ 6%